As an artist, I started as a  

  photographer and subsequently  

  pivoted to social practice art, in  

  which the artist creates with a  

  community as opposed to for an  


  Art Practice  

Instead of using paint and canvas or a chisel and stone, social practice artists use social systems, situations and public space as their materials. Some of my favorite projects: A slumber party for artists at the Queens Museum of Art. A publication, resembling a supermarket circular and distributed by small businesses, that consisted of recipes and stories about food contributed by new immigrants. Dancing, for six hours, throughout the Sol LeWitt murals at MASS MoCA, shifting the experience of visitors (even those who didn’t join in the dance). My earliest social practice projects drew on my massive archive of photographs, which memorialize quiet moments within hectic New York City life that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. One of those projects, in which I pasted life-size photos I’d taken of subway riders on top of advertisements in subway stations, led to my first coverage in The New York Times!

Community of Community is a series of ongoing retreats where social practice artists gather around a theme, skill-share, support each other and ourselves, and explore the lineage of the field while living cooperatively together.

  Community of Community  

Commissioned through the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Time Capsules for our Grandchildren, was created with the Southwark Middle School students who made individual time capsules for their future grandchildren. 

  Time Capsules  

  for our Grandchildren  

This Is What I Eat is a single edition newspaper/cookbook created with residents living near and around Corona Plaza, Queens. Designed to look like a supermarket circular, This Is What I Eat was displayed and distributed for free in and around Corona Plaza and the Queens Museum.  

  This is What I Eat  

Inside the Sol LeWitt retrospective at MASS MoCA from opening to closing hours, Adia Millett sat in silent mediation while Stephanie Diamond danced without music.

  6 Hours Sitting Still,  

  6 Hours Dancing without Music  

On going since 1997, this is a personalized system to catalogue, archive, and store over 200,000 of my personal photographs. This was once a private system to store and organize my work, became the focus and starting-off point for many projects, and has become an art piece within itself.

  My Photography Archive