Listings Project  

  Listings Project draws on my  

  belief that we are our best  

  selves when we feel 

  both grounded as individuals  

  and deeply connected to a  

  vibrant, energizing public.  

Listings Project, a free weekly compilation of vetted real estate listings and other opportunities geared towards artists and creatives, is rooted in collective self-care and community building.


Listings Project began with my own search for an apartment 17 years ago. Long after I’d settled into my new rental, referrals kept pouring in from the friends and fellow artists I had emailed in my quest. I started sharing my trove of leads with my wider network, and word spread across the United States and to 70 countries worldwide. As Listings Project has grown, my team and I are continually mindful of our unusual role at the intersection of community, technology, real estate and art. We continue to vet each listing, speaking directly with every poster, and have connected countless people with apartments, roommates, art studios, exhibition opportunities and jobs — not to mention friends, soul mates, creative collaborators, patrons and backup singers.


The feedback we regularly receive from Listings Project members speaks to our unique role as a social platform that truly impacts people’s (real) livesAs Ann Marie put it:

  "Thank you for considering and including our apartment!  

  We’ve gotten more interest with one posting on Listings Project   

  than with all other websites combined (and nicer folks who  

  respond to emails!). In one evening, we went from having no one  

  interested to having to  decide between multiple tenants, all lovely."